Kimberlin for School Board


A Message from Raye Kimberlin:
Thank you for your support during my run for Lebanon School Board. I truly appreciate the donations, social media shares, volunteer effort and kind words from all that stood beside me during this campaign. I was honored when encouraged by several people to consider running for school board. It took many months of praying and soul searching to make the decision to do this. I decided to run to be a supporter of our students and to promote equity and diversity in our schools.

This journey has been enlightening. I have learned so much about myself but more importantly about my community. There are so many wonderful and amazing people that have lived in the Lebanon for generations but there are also truly awesome people that have decided to make Lebanon their new home over the past several years. It was a great experience getting to meet new people and get reacquainted with others. I am proud to be a part of our community.

I truly stepped out of my comfort zone into the political spotlight. I have always been an informed voter but I’ve never viewed myself to be a political person. This was my first time running for office; I feel that I ran a positive campaign that was focused on continuing the success of our school district. There are things that I could have done differently to improve my chances of winning including coming into the race earlier; giving myself more time to raise money and to meet more people.

I am so happy that 2,625 voters went to the polls and selected me – that is 13.35% of the vote. I am disappointed that I did not win but I believe that the schools and the city will benefit from my candidacy. I hope that my campaign will encourage others to step out of their comfort zones and get involved in future elections. I hope others will volunteer and support the schools, our churches, and our community. I also hope more people will attend school board meetings and city council meetings. Be a part of the process and be informed. One person can make a difference.

I want to congratulation the new school board members and wish them success. I hope that they will all work together for the best interest of our students and teachers.
As for me, I will continue to be a part of the parent equity group and support our students. I plan to press forward to help feed our students and eliminate lunch debt through the Lunch On Us Program. And as the trustee of Bethel AME Church, I will be working to help rebuild our church after the fire.
Personally, I will continue to be a proud supporter of our schools and proud to be a Lebanon Warrior!