My background includes marketing experience in radio, TV, print as well as other industries including financial, nonprofit, and education. With a Masters in Marketing & Communication from Franklin University, I expanded my knowledge and developed into a more strategic marketing professional.

Cause Marketing

I created #GivingTuesdayLeb to help promote local nonprofits and charities here in Lebanon. Many are small and have limited resources to market and promote their fundraising, donation or volunteer needs. I also understood that some have had budget cuts or shortfalls. End of year giving is a major lifeline to these organizations. I designed a website, social media content to promote the Giving Guide - a list of local nonprofits.

Email Marketing

Sharefax Onboarding Campaign

Sharefax Credit Union partners with area car dealers to provide vehicle loans to their car shoppers. After the loan is approved, Sharefax noticed that the shoppers did not adopt any additional credit union products. Marketing was given the challenge to help create an onboarding process to increase the number of products and services used by these members. I created an email automated series to introduce various products and services to the new members. The credit union seen an increase of 3 products per member over the first 12 months. The email series performed at 62.3% open rate and 22% click rate.

Political Campaign

In 2019, I ran as a school board candidate. I developed all branding and marketing for my campaign including brand colors, icons, images, graphics, banners, t-shirts, postcards, and yard signs. I did all of my own media buying purchasing print ads and digital marketing. I also created my own website and social media pages. I created and designed all content for social media posts.

Product Launch

Credit union introduces new product that offers access to money 2 days early. I created a complete marketing launch for the new service promoting it to our members with our traditional credit union marketing tactics (eblasts, statement stuffers, in-branch TV monitors, ATM messages, flyers, website, online banking and mobile app advertising, e-statement banner ads, and more). To reach our larger community. I launched a mass media campaign with TV ads on local stations, cable, YouTube, and OTT. This campaign also included email marketing, target mobile marketing, banner ads, and social media ads.

Recruitment Marketing

I learned that our human resource department did not have a recruitment budget. I decided to use all of my marketing tactics to help support the credit union's recruitment effort. My recruitment marketing campaign included in-branch assets of the TV monitor and counter flyers. I also created social media campaigns with posts, ads, testimonials, employee anniversaries, etc. I also created business cards with QR codes to distribute at our locations and events. I also placed job postings on area chamber of commerce job boards. I created a spreadsheet of HBCU career center contacts to share our job posting with their diverse college students and alumni.

Social Media Campaign

As Sharefax celebrated 60 years of service in the community, we wanted to encourage everyone to be more intentional in how we all communicated and related to each other.

I created the #sharekindness - a 60 day kindness social media challenge. I created daily content, kindness calendar, and coloring sheets. We also gave away cash awards to credit union members and also donating $100 to their favorite charities.

Year In Review recaps is a report provided to the staff, management and board. This report highlights the past year with a focus on marketing, business development, and social media.